This week’s work was about building the face frame for the upper cabinet; getting material; cutting out all the parts; and, assembling all of the raised panel doors, drawers, and finish panels for both base and upper cabinets.

Learned that Baltic birch 1/4″ ply is just a little thicker than your big box birch ply, so easing or tapering the edges was needed to fit into the slot made by the Whiteside Shaker Raised Panel Bit set.

Tapering Panel Edge

With panel edges prepped, glue-up began with the rail assemblies.  Next was fitting the stiles and clamping it all together. This is a 36″ tall door, so midline clamps were needed for maintaining consistent door width, checked with a metal straight edge.

Glued and clamped

Panel Fitting

Now, the “fun” begins – sanding and finishing. Nice and easy, huh?  Oh, remember the paint takes 8-10 hours to dry before recoating. That is three days!  Just to get color on these pieces – and oh, they are two sided… ahead.
Oh, I do catch a break – the end panels for the upper cabinet only need paint one side.
Yes, the stiles are deliberately made just a little long to give just a little fudging room to fit the panels. Because of the flex of plywood, fitting the long stiles can be a bit of a challenge. The extra length leaves room for error, and can easily be cut or sanded off when finishing.