Router Table Tweaks


Yesterday I changed out router bits in the table to setup for a 1/16″ roundover bit for all of the solid edging on the cabinets/shelves. The refinements at such a small dimension get critical, so it was also time to pull out the router mounting plate, draw a template, and drill a hole thru the plate for the topside fine height adjustment key.

This is the Bosch 1617 mounted in a Bosch router table specific base. It is similar to a fixed base without handles, but has the ability to use the top mounted height adjustment (note the knob on the right).

Here is the router and top in profile. Here you can see the feather boards added to the fence to hold down the cabinet panels for smooth flow past the cutter head. The feather boards fasten to the fence with t-bolts (toilet bolts with heads filed to fit the track, and cut to length).

…..and here is the fine adjustment – a t-hex wrench that fits into a female fitting in the router base adjustment knob.






  1. The table looks a bit like a kitchen drawer. Did you make it yourself? How did you make it?

    • The router table top is by Hartsville, composed of MDF and laminate. The router table base is a reconstructed, recycled theater kiosk computer station cabinet. I rebuilt the upper part of the cabinet to accommodate the router housing and wired it for a safety switch mounted on the feed side of the cabinet. I made the cabinet doors for the router compartment and wiring area, and built a side-mount, slide out drawer for router bits. The cabinet already had three stock, full-width drawers below. It is mounted on wheels so that it can easily be rolled out and matches the height of my assembly table so that it can handle long stock, such as custom moldings for interior trim work.

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