For the replacement hallway shoe shelf, I wanted the shelving to be adjustable. This meant once again taking on the task, and pursuit, of perfect shelf pin holes. I opted for L-shaped 1/4″ shelf pins only in antique brass so discoloration won’t be an issue. The small hole will allow for a retaining screw to be installed so that the slanted shelves will stay in place.

The next problem to solve was how to get clean holes without any blowout. I already have used the Woodpecker shelf pin template, which works well, but each bit/method I’ve previously experimented with left me unsatisfied with the results. The 5mm pins used in the closet organizer have no flange to cover the hole, and there was always a tiny bit of tear-out using a Vix bit with a brad point 5 mm drill bit.  I had also attempted to use a 5 mm spiral UPCUT bit in the router, which is specified by several online sources. I thought it odd at the time since I  found that the UPCUT bit, just like a spiral drill bit, will cause some tear-out.

Thinking that a DOWNCUT bit made much more sense, this time I ordered a 1/4″ DOWNCUT spiral bit, and it turned out to be spot-on.  

Spiral DOWNCUT bit shown below with the Porter Cable threaded template bushing adapter (since a 3/8″ template guide is not in the Bosch lineup) latched into the Bosch spring loaded, latching template guide accessory. All parts sold separately. 

Not to say it was a perfect job. Every job has a learning opportunity!

Early lesson learned – when cutting shelf pin holes in hardwood plywood, dial back the speed in the router to avoid burning.  Fortunately, found that out in a test piece of stock.  Second lesson – threaded template bushing adapter tends to become unscrewed, and needs tightening periodically. Pay attention to little stuff, it matters – the template will move when hit with a rotating router bit that is not fully un-plunged.

Spiral DOWNCUT bit shown below with the PC threaded template

Spiral DOWNCUT bit shown below with the PC threaded template bushing adapter


Pin holes-complete!

bottom view - pin hole downcut bit

Bottom view spiral DOWNCUT bit shown below with the PC threaded template bushing adapter